C U R T   S A M P S O N ' S  
  R E C U M B E N T   B I C Y C L E   P A G E

In early July of 1995 I became the proud owner of a second-hand ATP R-20 recumbent bicycle (the predecessor to the Vision 40). For those who don't know, recumbent bicycles have a chair-like seat and extend the legs out in front of the body to pedal. This page chronicles a few of my experiences with the R-20 and gives some hints on recumbent riding.

I bought my bicycle from Cambie Cycles in Vancouver. They had done some drivetrain modifications to it, and with their help (and some use of their shop--thanks!) I've started making further modifications.

The R-20 is a short wheelbase recumbent (39 inches, I believe) with a pair of twenty inch wheels. Its most notable feature is the intermediate drive system, described in a link below. I'm growing more fond of this bicycle by the day, and I'm quite saddened that they are out of production.

I hope to have a few photographs up here one day.

Notes on my ATP R-20.

Other Recumbent Resources

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