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(2000-05-23) So I'm wondering about the propensity of Salon Tabletalk users to have taglines in French.

About Me

I spent many, many years in Vancouver, Canada (punctuated by stays in Guangzhou, China; London, England; and Edmonton, Alberta) Then I left. Let me say only that this was a very good idea. I now live in Manhattan.

After dropping out of university, I spent a few years as a recording engineer, and also played in various bands. Eventually, I came to my senses and got a real job in the computer industry. This eventually led to founding an Internet Service Provider, of which I was Technical Operations Manager for four years. I left that, worked at an investment bank for six months, realised my mistake, and now work for an Internet startup called Blink.com.

(Despite now hating musicians, I still listen to music occasionally. Mostly just Momus and Leonard Cohen.)

I've spent an inordinate amount of time mucking about with computers, not so much because I like them (though I do), but because I have some sort of natural talent for dealing with them. This has led to me becoming a NetBSD developer, and to writing bits of freely available software, including a moderately popular addition to Sendmail to deal with relaying mail based on valid logins to POP and IMAP mail servers.

My true love in life--beyond drinking, smoking and general dissipation--is literature, which causes me to read anything from one to a half dozen novels a week. I have available a few notes on books I've read.

I've also, as of autumn 1999, taken up learning French, and have even to my amazement started reading books in French. Completing them is another matter, however.... (Feel free to write to me en français, if you like; I'll work it out.)

For those who require links, my current set of public bookmarks are of course available at http://www.blink.com/members/cjs/.

I also administer the web server for the Pacific Cinémathèque Pacifique, a Vancouver cinema co-operative that does a fantastic job of supporting art cinema in Vancouver, and providing facilities and support for those who love this art form. (The web pages themselves are designed by the students at the Vancouver Film School.)

Things I've been interested enough in to bother putting up web pages about include

Here you will find overhead foils and notes for presentations I've given.

I have a few thoughts on simplicity in software which can be read here.

I am often asked about the quotes in my signatures; you may read all about them here.

You may contact me by sending mail to cjs@cynic.net

Links I Maintain

(Or, in some cases, used to maintain.)

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