Tokyo Schönfinkel Appreciation Club

The Tokyo Schönfinkel Appreciation Club, or TSAC, is a somewhat reclusive, private group whose members are dedicated to the promotion of Schönfinkelisation.

Schönfinkelisation is named after Moses Schönfinkel, the renowned a Jewish/Soviet logician and mathematician.


Given a function f of type f : (X × Y) → Z, then Schönfinkelisation makes a function Schönfinkelise(f) : X → (Y → Z). That is, Schönfinkelise(f) takes an argument of type X and returns a function of type Y → Z. Unschönfinkelisation is the reverse transformation. In a different sense, the opposite of Schönfinkelisation is Apply, in that Apply will restore the Schönfinkelised argument.

Other Notes

The TSAC should not be confused with the Tokyo Society for the Application of Currying, who very mistakenly refer to Schönfinkelisation as currying. This deprives the inventor of the technique of the fame and gratitude that he justly deserves, and should not be condoned.